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Holy Cow, this guild is godlike!
updates updates updates :d
Duli Duli Duli
una please :d
We're doing Molten Core tonight! Didn't you hear!
What raid? :o
Raid hype!
Uuh, fancy domain we got us now :)
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It's been a good week for us. Not only did a new raid (finally) hit, but we also managed to clear it on not only normal, but also heroic.

Well played everyone! Onwards to mythic!

Well played to everyone who participated in this weeks Tomb of Sargeras raiding.

Started out with a good two day heroic progression where we made a pretty good dent in the oversized coffin. 

The two first days brought heroic victories against Goroth, Harjatan, Mistress Sassz'ine, Demonic Inquisition, Sisters of the Moon and The Desolate Host.

On our Sunday optional normal raid we went all the way and cleared all 9 bosses with a one shot on Kil'Jaeden. Easy!

So well gone everyone. Let's see what the next week will bring us!

First six bosses down in Tomb of Sargeras heroic

We have freed Illidan and are ready for heroics. As of this writing we have cleared 3 bosses on heroics and the rest are just waiting for us.


A first week well done. Onwards to more tier set bonuses!

unamithil a Geed! How did I miss you?! Fixed! :d
Geedubyah And Geedubyah!.

This raid week introduced the new mini raid Trials of Valor and we went in there to be deemed worthy by Odyn, get rid of of Helya's pet puppy Guarm, and lastly cleanse the underworld from Helya herself. 

So in the two raid days we had we managed to clear both Trials of Valor on normal, and clear heroic Emerald Nightmare. So hopefully everyone got a few updates and an idea of how the encounters work, so we are ready to take on the trials on heroic.

But for now; good work everyone!

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