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Holy Cow, this guild is godlike!
updates updates updates :d
Duli Duli Duli
una please :d
We're doing Molten Core tonight! Didn't you hear!
What raid? :o
Raid hype!
Uuh, fancy domain we got us now :)
yes check the forums in a bit :)
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The first few mythic bosses has fallen. Very good job everyone. Let's save Azeroth again!

Sisters of the Moon finally got to see the sunrise. After some tactic tweaking and some glaive dodging we finally managed to down them and get our sought after loot.

Well done everyone!

Mythic Sisters of the Moon killshot

First off, well done on the two newest kills we had this week. Why stop with just one boss when you can take down two?!

The biggest challenge was Harjatan, but after a bit of tweaking and getting everything right, he finally had to go down. 

So we moved on to The Demonic Inqusition where we decided to bag another kill, because why not?! Probably the most flawless kill ever xD

Well done everyone on our mythic endavour so far!

And thanks to Anarina and Terkin for providing creative picture proof now that we forgot to take screenshots!

And off we go! We got our first mythic kill. Goroth has been downed and has been looted. 

So very good job to everyone who participated. The tomb has now officially been breached!

Kill shot of Mythic Goroth

The past week has not only brought one, but two new mythic kills. Both Spellblade Auriel and Tichondris has been under siege from Arisen, and as you can see on the following picture, none of them could withstand. 

Well done everyone. Keep up the good work!

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