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Holy Cow, this guild is godlike!
updates updates updates :d
Duli Duli Duli
una please :d
We're doing Molten Core tonight! Didn't you hear!
What raid? :o
Raid hype!
Uuh, fancy domain we got us now :)
yes check the forums in a bit :)
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After weeks of practice runs we finally managed to tweak the tactics and get Imonar down. Good job to everyone and onwards to Kin'Garothh

And we are finally back on track. This week raids didn't just have one kill, but two!

So how about we say farewell to Portal Keeper Hasabel and welcome back to Eonar.

And proof!

Another one bites the dust. Well, three in this case. The Antorus High Command was taken out and we are ready to move further. Well played everyone!

The first few mythic bosses has fallen. Very good job everyone. Let's save Azeroth again!

It's been a good week for us. Not only did a new raid (finally) hit, but we also managed to clear it on not only normal, but also heroic.

Well played everyone! Onwards to mythic!

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